These are 1" emblems and can only fit on the badge layout shown below! 

Ladies badges (L2 only)  will be cut larger to fit the emblem!

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We can put your pin or your lodge pin on a badge!

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#4 Round Elk

#8 Gold/Black Elk Head

#1 Flat Elk Head

#3 Round w/Flags

Name Badges, Trophies, Plaques, Signs, Engraving

#6 Crossed American/Elks Flags

Temporarily Out of Stock

#7 Elks Oval

#9 Gold/Black Elk 

#10 American & State Flag Crossed

(All States Aval.)

#5 Flag

Specialty Emblems

#2 Jeweled Elk

​​Cut Emblems

Check for State availability

Name Badges by Jan